Painting the World with colors

Because it is our passion

Creative, Plastic Artist, Illustrator & App Designer

Degree in fine arts
(Complutense University of Madrid).
I feel alive painting and I have combined my passion throughout my life using my creativity and my skills to design graphic and digital products. I work as a muralist and as an application interface designer.

Creative, Illustrator, Plastic Artist & Engraving

Degree in fine arts
(Complutense University of Madrid).
The brushes mark a compass when they begin to slide on the different supports with which they work; wall, fabric, canvas, paper, on copper or zinc, on wood ... any support to move the magic that resides inside ... Because I paint, I'm alive.

colores COLORS ... tall, short, large, small, saturated, desaturated, bright, intense, beautiful, bright, striking, monochromatic, multiple, dimmed, complementary, overwhelming, dark, light, friendly, soft, elegant, tender, cheerful, enigmatic, daring, simple, absent, serene, fresh, natural, expressive, strong, alive, warm ... They draw, paint, trace, sketch, create, penetrate, traverse, deepen, overflow, tear ... flow ... exhale, exhale, exhale ... Colores, pintura

Esther Martínez Recuero


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Because life is full of those moments ... if you don't move ... you miss them!

Wall Painting

Our creativities

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"The color marks the path that I trace at each step, leaving traces that will remain somewhere when I am gone."

Judith Martín Monte

Living house

Because a home is much more ...

There is nothing and yet there is everything.

Much more than walls,
furniture, etc ...

Our project is ultimately about the transmission of sensations through painting but in a personal environment like our home, and at the same time know ourselves more and make ourselves known to others.

Each room represents something characteristic of each person, each house is different, if for a person the bedroom is a cold place where almost no time passes, that should be transmitted, and if on the contrary, it feels good in the kitchen, the bathroom… that's where we will convey our feelings to others.

We make various proposals, representing different moods, sensations, feelings ... and changing because everything in this life is ephemeral and we live in constant transformation.


What things do they tell us?

Artistas Esther y Judith It is fortunate to be able to contemplate every day the artistic mural so precious that Esther and Judith left us with much love and dedication in the rooms of the La Paz parish. In that room we do all the activities of the "Comet Project" and it is a charm and enjoyment.
As soon as it can be possible, we are looking forward to having them again to paint more rooms. Comet Project
Artistas plásticas We have been able to share magical moments with these two artists in Assilah. They are very good professionals with a very careful technique. They do their work with a lot of passion and we value the use of brushes very much today, it is more artisanal, it is an added value. Pintamos con pinceles


We believe in artistic thinking as a catalyst for every creative process.

A home is more than walls, furniture, etc ... It is also our refuge, hiding place, loneliness...
somehow we want to convey to others or try to understand ourselves... See more


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